Whats in a name?: Everything: Lady A & Lady Antebellum

Written by on July 14, 2020

And so we spoke with Lady A and her producer John Oliver III in our Coffee Conversations with Greg J episode. And usually we are able to provide an embed to the conversation here, but for some reason we are flagged and it will not allow us to post it here because it says we are playing music that belongs to someone else. Well, I must tell you that we played LADY A’s latest single “Truth is Loud” …. it seems like facebook is either purposefully (or not) being complcit in the silencing of Lady A.

While they have prohibited us from embedding the video, you can still see this great conversation by clicking on the link.


And so after the explosion of protests and a reckoning with the moral conscious of America where it comes to race, country music superband, Lady Antebellum decided to change thier name because of its association with the old south slave societies. It appears the band had an epiphany! So they are now called Lady A. The issue is, that there is a blues singer in Seattle Washington who has been singing professionally as Lady A for more than 20 years. After trying to come to an amicable agreement about use of the name, Lady Antebellum and Lady A found that they could not agree and now are in court. Lady A has asked for $10 Million, while Lady Antebellum is suing for to stop her from using the name Lady A.

And so as the music industry watches this case, we see some interesting artifacts of the music business within . Some will say, did she have ownership of her name prior? if so why is Lady A coming for her? OR we are asking the question is Lady A another example of the general market trying to bully and dictate folk to submission? in other words “so we gotta change because you say so”….

Whatever it is, we are so glad to have Lady A, Live from Seattle so we can talk about her situation, the music industry and her music career. @Coffee Conversations with Greg J. Wednesday, July 15.

Lady Antebellum right, changed thier name to Lady A, now fighting the real Lady A (AKA Anita White, left), a blues singer in Seattle eho hsd brrn identifying as Lady A for more than 20 years

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