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The hottest Soul and Jazz in the digital universe

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As you settle into your workday, the Mid-Morning Mashup is your eclectic and sophisticated soundtrack. It is a gumbo of music from a variety of genres yet mixed in a palatable way that will surely satisfy your music cravings.  Guest DJ's from across the globe submit music programs in support of this awesome musical respite.

We strive to give voice to music rooted in the soul music movement. This is the true reflection of the consciousness of the people. THe common folk. The woke people. There are musical expressions from urban metropli across the world who are struggling everyday to overcome the oppression of the status quo. To remain sane in this era of the “matrix” .These creative expressions do not enjoy a prominent space on the mainstream and so, we remain dedicated to the alternative.. the soulful artistic expression of the streets. As our friend @sysmith says “Sometimes a Rose grows in concerete” < The Mid MOrning Mashup seeks to make the connection to the wide diasporic of soul music, hiphop, jazz and that hip rhythm that is only linked with those who know…….. LAdies and gentlemen…. the Mid-Morning Mashup….

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