Op-Ed: Why We Should vote ‘Yes’ on the Recall of Gavin Newsom

Written by on September 10, 2021

By Craig J. DeLuz, California Republican Assembly

The news media has been awash with OpEd pieces suggesting that “right minded” voters could not possibly support the recall of Gavin Newsom. Well, I happen to believe they are wrong.

One does not have to be a card carrying member of the vast right wing conspiracy to find substantive reasons why Newsom should be recalled. Whether one focuses solely on Newsom’s performance in response to the COVID-19 pandemic or expands the examination to his performance from day one, there is no shortage of evidence of his incompetence:

Craig J. DeLuz, California Republican Assembly

School Shutdowns:  Newsom shut down schools, for almost two years despite the fact that no nationally recognized epidemiologists or virologists were recommending such actions. California’s most vulnerable students were left years behind academically, as local school districts failed miserably in implementing distance learning.  And when he was asked to provide the data supporting the extended shutdown, he refused to make it publicly available.

Employment Development Department Failure: Let’s start with the $500 million in taxpayer dollars lost to fraudulent claims to criminals. That alone is reason enough for his ouster. But it would prove to be only a fraction of the $2 Billion in total unemployment fraud that has occurred under his watch; just during COVID. Then consider that the very same agency has been plagued with claims backlogs into the hundreds of thousands and  a constantly crashing website.

Government Overreach: From the minute he declared California to be in a “State of Emergency”, Governor Newsom has wheeled his newly minted powers with all near reckless abandon. With no legislative input, he shut down small businesses (many for good), while allowing large corporations to remain open for business. He demanded that churches limit their capacity to 25% or 100 people (WHICHEVER WAS LESS); a stipulation placed on no other business or organization in the state. And like with schools and businesses, he provided no data or science to support his policy. For his abuse of power, Newsom was sued multiple times and lost multiple times.

Failure to Comply With His Own Dictates: Gavin Newsom forced millions of low-income, black and brown students into the debacle that was distance learning while he sent his children to a private school that was still conducting in person learning. He shutdown thousands of small restaurants for inside dining and required masks and social distancing for their patrons. Meanwhile, he was enjoying expensive meals, courtesy of special interest lobbyists at  The French Laundry in the swanky Napa Valley.

Failures Before COVID: Even before the pandemic, Gavin Newsom was failing Californians. Our state led (and still leads) the nation in homelessness. He shutdown thousands of small business owners by changing the rules for independent contractors. And finally, Newsom has been responsible for the release of numerous violent criminals, many of whom almost immediately reoffended, violently.

It’s pretty clear that Gavin Newsom has done less than a bang up job during his time as governor. In fact, he has been downright awful. And before we start making excuses for his poor performance, let’s ask ourselves this one question: If he were the opposite political party and the candidate likely to replace him were of the party we like, would we cut him the same slack? I’d bte not.

It’s time for the voters of California to let Gavin Newsom and others who may aspire to lead our state know that we need, deserve and demand better.

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