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“Not how long, but how well you have lived is the main thing.” ~ Seneca


Don Amiche is a comical Radio & TV Personality.  He has been recognized by the US House of Representatives & the California State Senate for his community outreach and loved by his audiences for his quick wit, political insight and hilarious personality, his tag line “You could be laughing, all you have to do is listen.


Don Amiche started his radio career by chance in 1996 while attending Santa Monica College.  Listening to the radio one afternoon, he heard what was then the #1 radio station in LA “92.3 The Beat” announce that they were doing a promotional stop right down the street from his house, before the announcement was over, he was out the door running top speed to get there.  When he arrived he could believe what he saw, Hundreds of people surrounding the radio station van, going crazy, all vying for some radio station swag, everybody including himself had this emotional connection with this station, it was at this moment he realized radio was what he wanted to do.

Weeks later Don Amiche went on to intern at 92.3 The Beat working alongside the same street team that inspired him.  With a thirst for radio knowledge, he went on to Intern & work promotions at stations all over LA, from 97.1 The FM Talk Station, Groove Radio 103.1 and Stevie Wonders 102.3 KJLH.  In 1997 he landed his first on-air gig in Tulsa Ok. at Fresh Jamz 105, while this was a high point for him, his mother soon confronted him with a sky-high phone bill full of long distance charges showing he called every radio station in the country to get that job.

Over the next 20 years, Don Amiche worked as an On-Air Personality, Creative Services Dir & Program Director on as many formats as he could, from News Talk, Urban, Rhythmic & Adult Contemporary at:

KRMG | News Talk 740 KRMG (Tulsa)

KNX | KNX 1070 News Radio (Los Angeles)

KJMZ | K97 Jamz (Lawton)

KJMM | Fresh Jamz 105 (Tulsa)

KJLH | 102.3 Radio Free KJLH (Los Angeles)

KZZA | Casa 1067 (Dallas Ft. Worth)

KWIN/KWNN | 977 & 983 KWIN (Stockton & Modesto, CA),

XHTZ | Z90 (San Diego)

KQXC | Hot 103.9 (Wichita Falls, TX)

KNIN | 929 NIN (Wichita Falls TX)

Influence & Style

Don Amiche grew up listening to and learning from some of the top radio talents in the industry, Howard Stern, Big Boy, John London & The House Party, Theo, Hollywood Hamilton, The Regular guys & Conway & Steckler.  Listening to these greats helped him craft his own style of entertaining and informing from his perspective of growing up black in America as the son of an immigrant.   He executed his style by being open & honest about his life, where nothing was off limits. Real & funny with his opinions on pop culture and politics and most important, being authentic, as that was the glue that kept his audience emotionally connected and coming back for more.

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