LA County Census Kickoff

Written by on March 17, 2020

The County of Los Angeles has been busy working with community based organizations to ensure a strong showing in the 2020 Census. On Thursday, March 12, Organizations from very diverse communities gathered for what was supposed to be a celebratory press conference. But this was also the day that the governments began to shutdown in the face of the Corona Virus emergency. This was the same day the Governor Newsom of California declared a state of emergency in the State.. It was the same day that Mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles and LA County leaders declared a state of emergency within the County and City of Los Angeles. Many cities from across the county immediately followed suit. The result was that they cancelled the press conference. But the people, the workers, the activists of the community refused to leave and held the kickoff event/conference anyway… We are representing Long Beach in our area of responsibility for the Census and linked with Councilman Rex Richardson to stand up and express our commitment to a strong and complete count especially in the Hard to Count Areas….. here are some sights and sounds from the morning…

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