Indie writers showcase their work with fine art in new literary e-zine “The ExFactor”

Written by on September 29, 2020

Queen Ex Literature is publishing indie authors in a fine art limelight inside their latest issue of The ExFactor, an ezine dedicated to showcasing voices of color in the literary world. It’s no secret that the southern side of sunny California is a hub for creativity, but while most people see actors and musicians on its Hollywood surface, the writers and poets bubble underground. The ExFactor was born beneath the surface as a springboard for newly published authors to get a taste of every writer’s dream: seeing their work published and in print.

The website boasts: “We are the unknown. We are the elements that always tip the scale. We embody the courage it takes to explore new realms, new views, and new heights of humanity. We are what they never saw coming. We are the ExFactor.”

The publication features short stories, poetry, true-life stories, personal essays, and music, book, and venue reviews that focus on black and brown stories and experiences. “I want it to be the New Yorker meets Jet Magazine, but with more space for artistic expression”, comments the Chief Storyteller, A. Brytney Reaves. Her penname is Queen Ex. “I have the joy of taking a writer’s work and transforming it into something worthy of a gallery, even if it is their own. I am looking forward to showcasing upcoming photographers and digital artists as well.”

Lie to Me by featured poet Yvonne Moore, published in The ExFactor literary magazine. Courtesy of Queen Ex Literature
Lie to Me. Poetry by Yvonne Moore. Featured in The ExFactor Summer 2020 Issue.
Copyright The W.I.L.D. Company/Queen Ex Literature, 2020.

Whether the writer has some experience or is new to writing, they have the chance to submit work, currently for free. Every quarter, Queen Ex puts a call out for poets, photographers, writers, and digital artists, to feature in her e-zine. All contributors receive a print copy while everyone else has to settle for the PDF version. Still, supporting a black-owned literary magazine seems easy enough to do when you hear sparkling reviews from contributors and readers.

“Seeing my words in Ex-factor was surreal. I felt like my words became immortalized and the imagery brought them to life in ways I’d not imagined. I can’t wait to receive my printed copy!” – Yvonne Moore

“It makes me feel loved and heard for the first time in my life by my own people.” – Cassandra Clark

“Queen Ex strikes a balance between her love of storytelling and revolution. When you work with her you know she’ll give you the truth, the truth which ignites the fire we are living in, a truth which always chooses liberation.” – R. A. Diaz

Queen Ex adds, “The ExFactor is essentially a compilation of the various artworks that speak to this unique time in history, but truly from the black and brown perspective. This is our chance to say whatever we want uncensored and without judgment.”

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