Gayle King’s now viral interview with R. Kelly (yikes!!!)

Written by on March 7, 2019

By now, you have seen the volatile interview Gayle King conducted with R&B Superstar R. Kelly amid his troubles regarding sexual harassment charges. Wowzers!!!! He went smooth off!!! and yet, Gayle sat there, calm as a cucumber, quietly talking him from the edge and generating a 80 minute interview, 11 minutes of which is shown above.

Everybody is talking about how Gayle is the epitome of calm in a firestorm of raging emotion. Yes, the documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” has ignited a firestorm of circumstances for the “R” as he struggles to address his long standing propensity for younger (er, underage) women. And he is , in his own words, fighting for his life.

Lots of living room quarterbacks weighing in on the shocking display, including “Surviving R. Kelly” producer Dream Hampton. Take a look at her observations below:

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