Everyone IN: City of Long Beach adopts Economic Inclusion Plan

Written by on June 12, 2019

The Long Beach City Council voted unanimously to adopt the #EveryoneIn Economic Inclusion Implementation Plan. 

This plan, culminating over a year of thoughtful research and civic engagement, lays out key strategies to better help Long Beach families and small businesses to prosper and thrive, including:

  • Establishing a free or low cost Municipal Small Business Council, to provide representation, advocacy, and technical assistance to every small business in the city, 
  • Transforming our 5 Long Beach Teen Centers into Youth Workforce Centers to break down transportation barriers and provide training and job opportunities to youth in every part of Long Beach,
  •  Helping families to purchase and keep their homes by working to establish a HUD- Certified Housing Counseling Center,
  • Redesigning our city purchasing and procurement processes to increase the percentage of spending on local, small, and diverse businesses,, and finally,
  • Creating the city’s first Community Development Corporation, to deploy programs and services that support the economic development and financial empowerment in North, Central, and West Long Beach and small businesses citywide. 

In addition, the City Council unanimously approved a proposal to explore the creation of special Economic Empowerment Zones in North, Central, and West Long Beach, to incentivize economic activity in these areas.

During the City Council presentation, Wells Fargo announced a grant of $115,000 to help launch Implementation of the #EveryoneIn plan by supporting the establishment of the new economic inclusion-focused Community Development Corporation. 

These measures are an important step in changing the narrative and closing the economic gap for Long Beach neighborhoods and families. 

To download and read the full #EveryoneIn Implementation Plan, click here

To watch the council meeting, click here

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