Evangelicals, Social Justice & the Black Church

Written by on September 17, 2020

Coffee Conversations with Greg J:

COVID quarantine has our passports on lockdown….. social injustice has some considering moving to Africa for a change…. others have wnaderlust and have lived a melanated… WE take a moment to discuss travel restrictions, project perhaps when we may be able to travel, and examine what countries in Africa and other places have done to ensure our safe and healthy travel. Travel Expert @amirahhendrickson joins us at the coffee table on Tuesday, September 15….

Posted by Coffee Conversations with Greg J. on Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Our voice is raised in such a time as this….. Everywhere we look, the people are saying We want justice. We want equality. Yes, The Struggle continues. Historically, the Black Church is an essential element in our Movement. Yet these days we hear the term “Evangelicals” in the lexicon of today’s social dialogue. For those who go to church, we wonder – who are these people? What is the difference? Somehow, for some if not most of us, it seems we aren’t speaking the same language. And so, we are taking a deep dive. A deeply reflective and substantive analysis of faith and social justice. To help us, we’re so glad to have the exceptional Dr. @Oscar Owens, Jr. , He is a theologian, an expert in the history and essence of Black America and Church….. He is a celebrated intellectual who will share history and perspective…. This Thursday on @Coffee Conversations with Greg J.

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