COVID-19 Relief Grants for Businesses: Round 2

Written by on February 3, 2021

Round 2 for the #CAReliefGrant is NOW LIVE. New applicants can apply at Applications will close on February 08th, 2021 at
6:00pm PST. Eligible and waitlisted applicants from Round 1 are
automatically rolled over and do not need to reapply.
Please note that applying twice can be flagged as fraud
and slow your progress.
To prepare you for the application process, please view the Program and Application Guide by clicking here. The guide provides tips for applying and walks you through the entire application process.


● Applications for Round 2 open on February 2nd, 2021 at 8:00am PST and close on February 8th, 2021 at 6:00pm PST.
● This grant is not first come, first serve.
● Applications are open now at
● Apply only once and with one partner only.
● Important Dates for Round 2: February 2nd, 2021: Application opens
February 8th, 2021: Application Closes February 11th – 18th, 2021: Grant Notification (notification will be sent out on a rolling basis)

Round 1 applicants were categorized as one of the following:
SELECTED: The applicant met the program’s minimum requirements and were selected for pre-approval of funding. Being selected does not guarantee funding. Selected applicants must go through further verification before being approved for funding.
APPROVED FOR FUNDING: The applicant is fully validated and has been sent a grantee agreement via Docsign. The grantee agreement must be signed for funds to be released.
Applicant funds started being disbursed January 22 nd , 2021 and will be disbursed over a 45-day
period. (Please ask applicants to be patient)
WAITLISTED: Waitlisted applicants do not need to reapply. Make sure that all documents have been uploaded in proper form.
NOT SELECTED: Applicants that were notified and not selected in Round 1 are not eligible in Round 2.

● Applicants who submitted their application and submitted all documentation in the first round
do not need to reapply; qualified applications for eligible businesses have been rolled over into
the next funding round for consideration.
● Applicants who did not complete their application in Round 1, but eligible, will also be rolled
over into the next funding round. However, unfinished applications must be completed, and
documents must be uploaded to be considered. Do not reapply.
● If applicants did not receive a selection, they will be automatically moved to Round 2.
● If you have not received a username and password from Round 1, please reapply.

● Round 1 selections were approximately $237.5 million. Round 2 will be the same.
● Applicants were determined based on an algorithm utilizing the priorities of the program.
● Completing an application does not guarantee funding.

● You have general questions about the grant such as the program overview, eligibility, application process, etc.
● You have questions about the application process including how to apply, how to complete the application, and what information is needed.
● You need help completing the application and/or uploading documents.
● You need help with the application in another language.
● You would like resources to help guide you through the application process.
● You have questions about what documentation is required for the grant.
● You’ve submitted an application and need help fixing an error in the information you provided.

● You cannot locate your username and password for the Portal.
● You have tried resetting your password but still cannot login.
● You are receiving an error message when submitting an application and/or uploading

Call Center: 888.612.4370
Monday – Friday: 7:00am – 11:00pm PST
Saturday: 7:00am – 12:00pm PST

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