Coffee Conversations with Greg J: Roland Bynum talks Black Radio History and God Shots

Written by on November 3, 2020

We’re talking black radio history…… So we take a step back to talk to one of LA’s most enduring and respected black radio air personalities. Roland Bynum comes through to chop it up about his legacy in radio, memories of artists and messaging throughout the years and of course his latest book. God Shots…… We look forward to this west coast black radio icon.

It is an excellent read from a Los Angeles radio legend. There are many themes running through his colorfully written memoir. Bynum shares many of his life experiences that will serve as an inspiration to others. He writes of his situation as a ward of the state — an “Aid Kid” and discovering his family at a low point in his life. His stories will inspire anyone who has shared the same status or who has worked in the children’s protective service field. His struggles with drugs and alcohol and his road to recovery will motive those still struggling and those in recovery alike. He writes of his friendships as a child and how they impacted his life. He reflects on his military experiences, including being in the same platoon with Lee Harvey Oswald. You will be spellbound by the stories of his upbringing beginning in the Detroit area to his discovering himself and radio. He shares the story of his relationship with Smoky Robinson and discovering that Smokey is his uncle and he has nine siblings he knew nothing about. He writes of his friendships with numerous entertainers, and so much more. A constant theme in “God Shots” is his spiritual journey and God’s revelation that He is in control, providing lessons, guidance, and growth through experiences. Clear your calendar for the evening. You won’t want to put this one down.

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