Coffee Conversations with Greg J: Congresswoman Maxine Waters – COVID Relief, Social Justice, Census and the Vote….

Written by on May 22, 2020

There is a lot going on in this world.. The leadership of the nation gives us pause, the COVID 19 pandemic has got us all wondering what’s next, there is unmitigated social justice and human rights issues violations in the land, the Census is upon us yet we could be undercounted if we dont act, and you know like I know we MUST vote in November… What’s a citizen to do??? So we turn to the Honorable Maxine Waters – our queen warrior, our icon, our national treasure. Lets’ talk about it…… Conversations with Greg J….

She talks about a wide variety of subjects. Having just gotten victory in the House for the HEROES Bill, she explains how and why this is needed….. On the subject of Voting, she calls out LA County Registrar of Voters on introducing new voting technology in an important Presidential Election. She says if the Registrar of Voters does not bring forth more education and outreach does not deal with the problems that they had during the Primary, she willl be calling for his resignation.

Check out this casual yet compelling conversation over a cup of Coffee…… Thank you Auntie Maxine….

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