Coffee Conversations with Greg J: Clergy for Black Lives

Written by on June 22, 2020

As the people stand and demand social justice, the question always comes up – what is the church doing? Where are the preachers? And so we have linked with a panel of clergy who’s ministry is to seek social justice…. To stand for our people….. invited panelists include:
Pastor @Kelvin Sauls – Former Pastor, Holman United Methodist Church, Faith-rooted Community Organizer, Network Strategist and Community Health Councils
Pastor @Najuma Smith-Pollard – Word of Encouragement Church & Program Director, Cecil Murray Center for Religion & Civic Engagement
Pastor @James Thomas – Living Word Community Church & Professor at California State University in Los Angeles.
Pastor @William Smart – President & CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Southern California & Co-Pastor, Christ Liberation Church
Pastor Cue – The Church Without Walls in Skidrow , Convener, Black & Jewish Alliance
Pastor Eddie Anderson – McCarthy Memorial Christian Church & Co-Convenor, Poor People’s Campaign in California

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