Coffee Conversations with Greg J: Black Lives Matter: The Movement, The Mission, The Struggle

Written by on June 26, 2020

And so here we are once again. In these streets demanding justice. Police killings across the nation. Blatant racism and prejudice. We hear the clarion call: BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!! And while the crazy isnt new, after all we have been hearing it for the last decade. The movement is the new and very active organization fighting and disrupting for social justice and equality. And yes, the community has been grappling with the essence of this movement. But now, Black Lives Matter is on the lips of the entire nation in such a time as this.

The murder of George Floyd has captured the attention of the nation and indeed the entire world. This unimaginable episode is the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back. Exploding and underscoring Black Lives Matter… EVERYONE is saying Black Lives Matter!! Even those who are not very sincere about it. It is a popular slogan to say.

And so we take this time to have coffee with Dawn Modkins and Audrena Redmond, leaders of the Long Beach, California chapter of Black Live Matter. We will explore the origins of the movement, it’s mission, the current movement and advocacies. We seek to educate those who are now asking what the organization stands for – something that must be addressed because it is all hands on deck. We seek to reinforce for those already down with BLM and we will hear what the current advocacies and objectives for BLM are in this present moment in time.

Fascinating, compelling discussion. Culturally relevant. Coffee Conversations with Greg J.

Click here for a copy of the State of Black Long Beach Report

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