Coffee Conversations with Greg J: Arts, Community and Culture

Written by on September 24, 2020

Coffee Conversations with Greg J: Arts, Community and Culture

We believe Arts to be an essential ingredient to Community… And so we pause to talk Arts and Community with a panel of esteemed Arts Professionals. We make the case for support and encouragement from the masses of the people to ensure the arts community is supported with resources to continue to advance thier work while beautifying Cityscapes everywhere. We welcome @griseldasuarez, Executive Director for the Arts Council for Long Beach; Kip Kahlia – Arts Council Professional Fellow; Dr. Anna Beatrice Scott – Arts Scholar, Performance Artist and Business Consultant; and Martin Etem – Arts Council Professional Fellow

Posted by Coffee Conversations with Greg J. on Thursday, September 24, 2020

Today, we examine arts and culture from a hyper-local perspective. yes. We are joining in with Long Beach Gives – a unique fund raising strategy for non profits within the City of Long Beach. California’s 7th Largest City is a municipalty where its citizens are exceedingly engaged civically. Whatever your advocacy, there’s a non profit for it.

So for one day, all day, under the umbrella of Long Beach Gives, the entire city can make financial support to the non profit of thier choice. At Beach City Radio, we support the Arts Council for Long Beach. Our President and General Manager Gregory Johnson serves on the Board of Directors as Treasurer for the Arts Council for Long Beach. ” The Arts Council is a tremendous resource to the arts community in the city”, said Mr. Johnson. “This advocacy for the arts is essential to the character and essence of our City.

In this particular Coffee Conversation we are discussing arts from an African American perspective. Executive Director Griselda Suarez joins us and introduces a panel of African American artists who are part of the Arts Council Professional Fellows Program. Dr. Anna B. Scott is a dancer and performing arts processional. Kip Kahlia is an accomplished guitarist having played and toured with Reggae Bands across the globe and now involved in multi lingual world music presentations. Sunni is a board member of OCEANLB.Org… MArtin Etem is an internationally renowned sculptor and social justice advocate. It was an incredible conversation.

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