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Save App-Based Jobs & Services More than 80% of drivers work less than 20 hours a week, have other jobs or responsibilities, and can’t work set shifts as employees: Parents who work while kids are in school; Family members who work odd hours so they can care for aging parents or other loved ones; Working families, retirees […]

Prop 23 would force community dialysis clinics to cut services and close – putting the lives of vulnerable dialysis patients at serious risk. Approximately 80,000 Californians with failed kidneys receive dialysis treatment three days a week, four hours at a time to stay alive. Dialysis treatment does the job of the kidneys by removing toxins […]

PROP 25 – REFERENDUM ON LAW THAT REPLACED MONEY BAIL WITH SYSTEM BASED ON PUBLIC SAFETY AND FLIGHT RISK. CURRENT BAIL SYSTEM IS UNFAIR, UNSAFE& COSTLY Innocence should be determined by a system of equal justice under the law – but that’s not how the money bail system works. Under the current system, people arrested […]

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