The O.M.R Show

Black Girl Magic doesn’t come easy. Tune in as Amber Cade leads the O.M.R. discussion on what it really takes to keep a queen’s crown straight.

Our team from the next generation of pop culture analysts get together this Sunday to discuss the merits of new school music vs. old school…. Listen, watch and share as Queen Ex, Amber Cade, DJ Deuxz and DJ Trey Money debate the best (and worst) of music from then and now.

We are introducing our new, millenial driven online show, the OMR Show…. Lets go!! We’re talking Motherhood Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow with Karla Gordy-Bristol and Iris Gordy. The millennial cast of The O.M.R. Show discuss parenting differences through the decades, the importance of motherhood, and the nuances of feminity in motherhood.

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