Election 2020

Ahead of the November election, a group of dialysis nurses and patients have come out in strong opposition to Proposition 23.  If passed, Proposition 23 would require all kidney dialysis clinics to have a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant on site during dialysis treatment. It would also prohibit clinics from reducing their services without state approval and make it illegal for them to refuse treatment for patients based […]

Save App-Based Jobs & Services More than 80% of drivers work less than 20 hours a week, have other jobs or responsibilities, and can’t work set shifts as employees: Parents who work while kids are in school; Family members who work odd hours so they can care for aging parents or other loved ones; Working families, retirees […]

Prop 23 would force community dialysis clinics to cut services and close – putting the lives of vulnerable dialysis patients at serious risk. Approximately 80,000 Californians with failed kidneys receive dialysis treatment three days a week, four hours at a time to stay alive. Dialysis treatment does the job of the kidneys by removing toxins […]

PROP 25 – REFERENDUM ON LAW THAT REPLACED MONEY BAIL WITH SYSTEM BASED ON PUBLIC SAFETY AND FLIGHT RISK. CURRENT BAIL SYSTEM IS UNFAIR, UNSAFE& COSTLY Innocence should be determined by a system of equal justice under the law – but that’s not how the money bail system works. Under the current system, people arrested […]

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