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Our voice is raised in such a time as this….. Everywhere we look, the people are saying We want justice. We want equality. Yes, The Struggle continues. Historically, the Black Church is an essential element in our Movement. Yet these days we hear the term “Evangelicals” in the lexicon of today’s social dialogue. For those […]

Beach City Radio is the proud Media Sponsor for the Los Angeles Black Business Expo. We are so happy to have welcomed him onto Coffee Conversations with Greg J. And yes indeed, did he drop knowledge… did he inspire…. did he inform!!! Check it out right here!

Following the murder of Nathaniel Julius, a teenager with Down’s syndrome, by police, militants burned tires, erected barricades, threw stones at police and damaged a police station in Johannesburg, South Africa. Nathaniel Julius died in a hospital in Johannesburg on Wednesday night, hours after he was shot by the police meters away from his home in […]

Thousands have heeded the call from Reverend Al Sharpton to converge on Washington DC and stand against social injustice, police abuse and mrders against black people. We take a look live, and we also look to our friends on the ground in DC…. Rev. KW Tulloss and Pastor Robert D. Bush join us for a […]

We’ve heard a lot over the last couple of days. New paradigms as the DNC virtually came across our digital devices, our tv’s and radios…. Kamala Harris is the VP candidate…. Voting suppression and manipulation is a real thing….. And so we’re sitting down with Carolyn Fowler for perspective and insight…. Coffee Conversations with Greg J.

Yes!! We’re talking construction!!! These sistas arent involved in taking care of your home repairs, nope, they are building roads bridges, major complexes, disposing hazmat materials.. indeed decision makers and influencers on some of the largest construction projects in the region. Black Women in construction…… we’re talking with Robin Thorne and Giovanna Brasfield about the […]

These are uncertain times. We just dont know what could happen. Fire, Earthquake, civil disturbance, floods… you name it….. Are you ready in the event of disaster? How can you best prepare your household…. ? Make A Plan Make a plan today. Your family may not be together if a disaster strikes, so it is […]

The community is reflective as time marches toward November. We are talking about the need to observe and analyze local political situations. What does the community want from its local leadership? what about the local electoral capability, mail in or no?so much to chat about. Its an important time. And so we chat with former […]

What an exceptionally rich conversation about Dave Sanborn, the renowned jazz saxophone artist. Listen as hugely respected critic, writer, culture sage A. Scott Galloway discusses a Three CD compilation he curated in honor of the saxman;s legacy. This one is awesome!!!!

These days we are seeing so much…. we are hearing so much…. demands for police reforms… demands for police prosecution…. federal police in our cities…. what is going on? So we have reached out to Sgt. Cheryl Dorsey, retired LAPD officer and remowned author so we can chop it up and dialogue about police in […]

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