CA/HI NAACP President Calls for Governor to Appoint African American Woman and NAACP Statewide Mobilization

Written by on December 22, 2020

Today Rick L. Callender, Esq. addressed the California Hawaii State Conference of the NAACP and was joined by NAACP Chairman of the Board Leon Russell to fire up the membership and delegates. Callender, who is the CEO of the Santa Clara Valley Water District, called out the fact that he wouldn’t be CEO without the NAACP’s support.
Callender said, “I wouldn’t be a CEO without the support the of the NAACP, I wouldn’t be in the CA state Bar without the support the NAACP, it was the four NAACP members on the Valley Water board of directors who voted in to make me CEO.”
Callender challenged the 55 California Hawaii branches to “not only fight individual acts of bigotry and racism; but we are going to take on statewide institutions and systems that perpetuate racism and inequity.”
The California Hawaii NAACP also supported a resolution calling for Governor Newsom to appoint an African American woman after Callender called for that to be a priority. Callender said, “Yes, we now have a black woman as vice president, but we have to undo the four years of damage to all communities of color that the prior administration has caused.”
I hope you will join me in voting on our resolution to demand that the Governor send a black woman to the US Senate to replace VP elect Harris. The California voters sent a black woman to the US Senate, she was, and is, the only black woman in the US senate. It’s the right thing that should be done. Let’s all mobilize to make this happen”
Callender also stated that his priorities for the CA/HI NAACP is to prioritize criminal justice, environmental justice, educational equality, economic equality, and building the next generation of NAACP leaders.
Finally, Callender announced that he had hired Sacramento NAACP President Betty Williams as Executive Director for the CA/HI NAACP, “as she is the right person, at the right time to lead the CA/HI NAACP into the future.


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