Black Power: Movement vs. Mantra

Written by on July 4, 2020

And so as we march, as we call out racism in ways never seen before, we see branding, sloganisms, gestures of reconciliation (or not)….. We sit with renown intellectual and scholar Dr. Anthony Samad to analyze and onserve what is really going on in today’s movement. Tuesday, July 7…..

Dr. Anthony Samad is a scholar, Academic and thought leader that has a 25 year career in higher education as a Professor, published author and thought leader. He is also a 35 year strategic palnner that helps non-profits and community based organizations build capacity. As professor, lecturer and writer, Dr. Samad seeks to invest knowledge in young people and advance scholarship in the disciplines of social construction, urban politics and African American studies. As a think tank Director, he seeks to research and document the history and culture of African Americans, rebuild institutional memory and mentor the next generation of leaders. Additionally, Sr. Samad is a political commentator and social critic on socio-political issues that impact race, class and popular culture in the United States.

We are overjoyed to have Dr. Anthony Samad with us on Coffee Conversations with Greg J…..

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