Babyface vs. Teddy Riley: Black cyberspace goes in…. hard.

Written by on April 20, 2020

In these days of COVID19 quarantine entertainment, certainly one of the most anticipated online events in the urban pop online culture was the #verzuz battle royale pitting superstar producers Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and New Jack Swing progenitor Teddy Riley. Everybody was here for the battle, which was set for last Saturday Night on IG Live.

So after a week of hype, the folks tuned into Instagram by hundreds of thousands. At one point when we tuned into the battle there were more than 460,000 people viewing the battle. Yes!! we expected an incredible musical exposition coming from these super producers, each with hundreds of hits and quite a few Grammy awards between them.

But it wouldnt be as there were many many many “technical difficulties” exclusively on Teddy Riley’s side. Teddy came with a hype man, a dancer and several people in a studio… there were echoes, feedback and a lot or other problems. Teddy even tried to blame Babyface for some of the issues when it was clear that the problems emanated from his studio.

Black socialsphere exploded… the memes were endless. People were clowning so much. It was embarrasing. In the end, Babyface just asked that they postpone the whole debacle until the tech difficulties get fixed. THey agreed to come back at 10:30pm that night. But by that time, most had given up on the experience, it was that bad…. They ultimately decided to do the event on MOnday, April 20 at 8pm EST.

For us at Beach City Radio, we were so disappointed but trust the night was saved by DJ DNice’s music set. What a great time….. Look, the #Verzuz concept is solid but we have to establish a technical standard.

In all fairness, in these COVID19 quarantine days, these streaming music events are great. they are great for the people. It relieves stress and gives us something to do in these crazy times. THis is new… This is ground breaking…. This is progress…. This is ground breaking stuff. SO we have to study, create and make it happen. but lets study and get it awesome and right.

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